yourVoice Expert


Sotiria is the creator of the SING POSITIVE © Vocal Training method

for Singers, Vocal Coaches and Music Lovers.


She is  the founder of the Cosmic Voice  Singing  Circles ©

where she leads the adventurous journey into the

Realms of Sound and Music and its Healing Powers.


Sotiria studied Music, Piano and Singing starting from the early age of 8 and

obtained her first diploma in Music in the age of 15

She started giving music lessons in the age of 16.


She obtained her Academic Degree (BSc) in Economic studies and Business Management

from the Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki in 1998.

She has recorded 2 personal Cds with Ηealing Music and Mantras.


She composed the music of the Violet Energy Invocation in summer of 2013 which has been

transmitted from the Spiritual Planetary Hierarchy to the Violet Energy Academy in 2000.

In her spiritual path she discovered early enough that her gift is to heal through her music

and her voice and lead others  finding their own unique talent, especially musicians and

artists of all kind.

She is an active member of the Violet Energy Academy and the Violet International Network V.I.N